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The Anti-Piracy Talks Up To The Parliament Today This year, the Music Copyright (Amendment) Bill is slated for its final reading in the country's National Assembly after the government's consultations with the Copyright Management Board (CMB) over the bill, has been concluded. The bill is aimed at establishing a credible music copyright system that would enable the government to tackle music piracy and make the music industry more profitable. The bill also seeks to amend the Copyright Act, to make it compulsory for all broadcast stations to have a licence from the Copyright Board. Consequently, it would require that music producers, who currently have to pay copyright fees to record labels, make such payments to the Copyright Board instead. A special committee was also appointed to look into copyright infringement and the role of the music industry and digital technology in piracy. The Committee was established after submissions were received from various stakeholders on the Anti-Piracy Act, 2008 and the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement. These submissions were received from music producers, music lawyers, representatives of recording and music distribution companies and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). The MPs, who are the Committee's members, said that the Entertainment Industry Regulatory Organization of Africa (Eiroa) and the Institute for Intellectual Property Rights (OFPI), were also consulted. Also, the South African Association of Music Producers (Sama) was consulted. They said that the Eiroa and OFPI supported the government's stance on the issue of music piracy, while Sama and the Media Council of South Africa (MCS) were against the bill. Kruger said that it was expected that during the final reading, they would receive a number of amendments from the National Assembly on the bill. Mmuso said that it was a matter of concern that stakeholders who were not part of the discussions on the bill had been consulted and that the results of these consultations would be included in the final report. Mmuso said that if the amendments were serious, and if they were in accordance with the government's policy, then the matter would be addressed with the stakeholders, so as to ensure that the interests of the music producers were met. The MP said that there was a need to have an open dialogue with stakeholders in the music industry before the final report was submitted. Watts said that the CMB wanted the bill




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