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Time is one of, if not the most valuable aspects to human life. It is the only thing we can not get more of once it is gone. Time allows for healing, for growth, the ability to fail and try again, the opportunity to acquire new knowledge,  to prove yourself, and pretty much everything else in life. Everything takes time. Sound familiar? The time expenditure that takes place in the present is an investment into the future. Who has the most time? The youth.

Hello all, my name is Kealan Bane. I am a freshman studying finance at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as the author of the newly founded blog, Young Investors Change The World. In this blog I plan to cover financial market and investment news, personal thoughts about market scenarios, effective self developmental tactics, etc, as well as the idea and thought process about how the youth change the world. I personally thank you all for taking time out of your day to stay up to date on any blogs I upload that happen to peak your interest, as well as embarking on this journey of financial market and investment coverage. YICTW.

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"Controlling your time is the highest dividend money pays"

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